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Written By
Terrance McArthur
June 17, 2022
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Since 2017, I’ve been using Goodreads. Every book I've read since then, as well as the 100 books on my "to read" list that I've added throughout the years, have been logged. One thought that stayed on my mind, Goodreads has barely changed their UI or UX since it was sold to Amazon in early 2013.

During this time, I’ve joined various book groups on Facebook and Reddit. There was one subject that made it into one of every five posts or so. “Why isn't there a better Goodreads?” I have been asking myself the same question ever since I stumbled upon their app. For such a large conglomerate to not  bother improving the UX and UI of the most popular book on social media is mind blowing.

By 2020, I had enough. I started tracking my books on my personal website and letting people know on social media when I had updated my library. Meanwhile, I found a book recommendation website called A year later, I ended up acquiring the site and made it my goal to build upon its user base/content as well as expand into a companion reading app.

Fast forward to 2022, the wait is nearing the end. We have developed an amazing team of passionate readers and lifetime learners. Our team has been working tirelessly and after hearing feedback provided from all of our users we are mere months away from releasing version 1.0.

How can you help?

Are you as interested in reading as we are? We would be eternally grateful if you signed up for our waiting list and shared or with your friends, strangers or anyone you think would be interested. If you would like to reach out with comments or suggestions you can find me on Twitter or you can email our team - Talk soon! 📚

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